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KETOgenial has launched!

By : | 0 Comments | On : May 19, 2013 | Category : KETOgenial Updates

It’s mid-May and KETOgenial has finally launched! After many years lived on a ketogenic diet, three friends – Anna, Lisa and Moss – have partnered to put together their experience and share it with everyone interested in a ketogenic lifestyle.

KETOgenial publishes recipes centered around a “high fat, very low carb”, although you might bump into an occasional high-protein meal here and there. Recipes are mostly written (and photographed!) by the KETOgenial team, or submitted by readers – this is the reason why photographs of various meals are candid and oftentimes amateurish. KETOgenial does not employ professional cooks and photographers and does not buy generic recipes to populate the website with.

Besides recipes for ketogenic diets, an important section of KETOgenial is the FAQs and additional resources. By no means exhaustive, these resources should be seen as a starting point towards reaching and maintaining a state of nutritional ketosis.

Before cooking anything for yourself or for your family, please have in mind that KETOgenial caters to people who have chosen to live a ketogenic lifestyle – of which many are doing it for weight loss reasons – and might not be suitable for children with epilepsy or anyone with a doctor-prescribed diet with a very specific or strict macro-nutrients ratio.

KETOgenial’s publishing is managed by RightFit Media, who is dealing with all website maintenance and other technicalities.

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