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About KETOgenial

Comments Off on About KETOgenial | May 11, 2013

About KETOgenial
Launched in May 2013 by a group of enthusiasts, KETOgenial is a fast-growing niche website about ketogenic diets and resources. KETOgenial offers a wide array of recipes, how-to’s and other resources to help you achieve and maintain a state of nutritional ketosis.

We are exclusively focused on ketogenic diets as a lifestyle and for weight loss. Our targeted audience does not include parents and carers of epileptic children who have been prescribed a ketogenic diet.

Our Mission
The KETOgenial mission is to provide the inspiration and information people need to make ketogenic diets a way of life.

The KETOgenial Team
We’re just a handful of people, all of us following a ketogenic diet. Everything that we publish – with the exception of user submitted recipes that we select for publication – is actually tested and tried by at least one of us. And yes, those recipe pictures are from our actual kitchens – no stock photos have been harmed during the making of these recipes!

The KETOgenials are:

Lisa Wilson – Chief Editor and Marketing, has been following a ketogenic diet for 3 years and has forgotten all about life on high carbs.

Anna Hill – Editor and PR, is new to ketogenic diets but insists she is never going back to the evil that carbs do.

Moss Chen – Web Development, a veteran keto fan, is in a committed relationship with bacon and fried eggs.

KETOgenial Partners
Our website is looked after by RightFit Media, a web strategy boutique that helps us promote KETOgenial, grow it, and monetize it. KETOgenial is 100% editorially independent and is ad-supported.